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Gill Chapman 

Head of Organisational Development

I am addicted to your research briefings. I need my weekly 'fix'. It's like finding a secret bookshop full of amazing books you have never heard of before, down some back alley. They are full of fantastic insights. The Oxford Review has been a real 'find' for me.


Bob Baxter

 Operations Manager 

These are great briefings, thank you. They are straightforward and useful. With out them I have no idea how I would keep up to date. What I particularly like is that they strip through all the nonsense and padding and deliver the facts.


Victor Avramidou

 OD Consultant & Coach 

These are truly useful briefings you produce. I use them a lot with my clients in my consultancy and coaching business. I have even won contracts thanks to these! The comment I last got was that I was the only consultant with a genuine evidence base and credibility. You are delivering a lot a of value here 🙂


Anne Ahern 

Director of Human Capital

I send these out to my entire team every week. They are really useful and have sparked some really useful changes around here. That infographic about ethical management you sent me has gone viral across the company. I see it posted up in offices and workspaces in just about every division. Keep up the excellent work!


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