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The 3 Main Conclusions and Findings from New Research about Culture Change in Organisations

Continuing on from my culture change post last week New research and a new understanding about culture change in organisations, today I look at the findings from this paper. Members get the full references and links to obtain the paper.   Findings Where people take their cultural cues from at work Culture change: The researchers found […]

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Understanding research: the direction of a correlation

As mentioned in my last blog in the Understanding Research Series, correlations have a direction. So what does this mean? Positive Correlations Negative Correlations Positive correlations Say you are looking at two factors which are correlated like the the grades students achieve and the amount of studying they do. Some research found the following: Unsurprisingly the […]

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New research and a new understanding about culture change in organisations

mosaic theory

In this two part post I am reviewing a new study conducted by researchers from University of Durham in the UK and the Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. The paper paper published in the European Management Journal looks at culture in organisations and the implications for culture change and management in organisations. New understanding about culture […]

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How conflicting organisational cultures killed a merger

A longitudinal study just published in the British Journal of Management looked at how a ‘radical’ internet company was absorbed culturally into a ‘bureaucratic’ telecommunications business in The Netherlands. That the process took 12 years to complete at a cultural level shows just how hard it is to absorb a smaller organisation with a completely […]

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This month’s Oxford Review

In issue 8 of the Oxford Review members have recieved briefings about the following research that has just been published: Why do some staff readjust to their home organisations better than others? Eating a beetle: How to get your radical ideas accepted Managing innovation and agility – what makes the difference The Cost of presenteeism […]

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Understanding research – what a significant result actually means

In this article – Only the uninformed talk about research proving things The significance of significance How likely are we to get this result by random chance? Levels of significance   What a significant result means In my last blog about research we looked at the fact that it’s almost impossible to prove something. Even […]

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Can knowledge management really change organisational culture?Part 2. The research findings

This is a 2 part briefing of new research investigating the role knowledge management plays in changing organisational cultures. Part 1 – What is knowledge management and about the research Part 2 – The research findings (this post)   6 key findings The six key findings from the study are: Leaders can use knowledge management […]

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