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Levels of Organisational Development – Level 2

Formalisation stage

This post follows on from The Levels of Organisational Development. In that post I explored Level 1 or the Formation Stage of the six levels of organisational development. In this post I will look in a bit more detail at level 2 – The formalisation stage of organisational development:   Level 2: Formalisation Stage     The distinctive […]

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Authentic Leadership and Being Authentic – What does that mean anyway?

Being authentic

Being authentic The leadership, management and personal development literature and lore is repleat with appeals and even demands for authenticity. Management and leadership courses, consultants and coaches extol the virtues of how to be authentic and genuine. It sounds good but what are we really asking for here? What do we actually mean by being […]

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The Levels of Organisational Development

Levels of organisational development

If I was to tell you that some recent research ( Levels of organisational development ) has been able to analyse and describe exactly where an organisation is at any moment in time, and where it should be heading next? Useful eh? Well it has been done. Over the next few weeks I will delve into […]

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How to teach empathy : New research

How to teach empathy

Is empathy just part of our personality or can it be taught / learned?   Many organisations have empathy as part of their values or competencies with little consideration about whether it can be developed and if it can, how to teach empathy or how to develop it.   The closest many organisations get to […]

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How our mood (and productivity) is directly affected by different forms of communication at work

our mood

A wide range of things affect our mood and productivity at work. A new study has found that that there is a direct connection between our mood and the modes of communication we use at work.   A team of computer scientists have used technology to anonymously measure the psychological states of a group of workers […]

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Why evidence-based practice probably isn’t worth it…

problem with evidence-based

The evidence-based practice problem…   There is a big problem with evidence-based practice and why evidence-based practice isn’t worth it for most people… As a pedlar of evidence based practice this post hasn’t been an easy one to write but after years of work in this area, and having a service based around evidence based practice, I […]

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