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How to deal with bias, goal setting in uncertain environments, perfectionism and more…

The Oxford Review Volume 2 No 9

Academic research turned into human by The Oxford Review… The research briefings members got in this month’s Oxford Review: Some leaders cause depression Increasing performance using the 3 types of entrepreneurialism How to mobilise support for change Types of perfectionism and how they help with stress and coping…. or not Using the Holocaust to develop […]

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The down-side of organisational identification: Can you be too aligned with your organisation?

Organisational identification

The strength of organisational identification indicates the level to which the employees identify and agree with the goals, mission and values of the organisation they work in. Organisation identification is a key indicator of things like employee commitment to the organisation or company, loyalty, intention to leave and a host of other indicators.     […]

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Job crafting: What, why, who and how it helps Organisational Change

Job crafting research briefings

This week members received research briefings about: Job crafting There have been slightly more than 4,000 studies about job crafting since 2008 when the first studies appeared. However over 800 studies have been published about job crafting this year alone, which indicates a significant research and organisational interest in the topic. So this week we […]

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What is the difference between coping, adapting and self-management?

coping, adapting, and self-management

Are we just coping, adapting or self-managing and what is the difference? A new study looks at what the research literature says about coping, adapting and self-management.    In a paper shortly to be published, researchers from universities in Sweden and Canada completed a literature review to look at that what the development and latest thinking […]

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What organisational cultures work best in organisations using outsourced staff?

Outsourced staff

In the hotel trade, as with many other industries, outsourcing to smaller companies for certain roles is becoming increasingly common. The hospitality industry is unique in that much of its business is customer focused and, where staff rebel against their employers, the customers tend to get the brunt of the bad feeling. Outsourced staff tend […]

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How to change a bureaucracy into a dynamic organisation

How to change a bureaucracy

Public and private bureaucracies have a number of traits that collude toward slowing them down and producing outcomes that streamlined, fast paced organisations would never tolerate. In dynamic businesses, most, if not all the employees work together to achieve the aims of that business rather than the agendas of individuals. A new study looks at […]

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How organisations unwittingly obstruct their own organisational change and other new research this month…

The Oxford Review Vol 2 No 8

  Research Briefings in this month’s Oxford Review:   Do workshops and classroom learning really help to develop ‘real’ problem solving skills and expertise? Keywords: Education, learning, problem solving, skills development, experience, expertise, transfer of learning, 70:20:10 A new study has examined whether there is real transfer of learning from workshop simulations and learning to ‘real-time’ […]

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