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New research: Organisational responses to dilemmas and emergencies

In this the first of a three part posting I will look at an interesting and useful large-scale research study examining how the emergency services cope with difficult incidents in Europe. The paper has just been published by researchers from Central Michigan University and the University of Illinois. Part 1 (this part) The dilemmas organisations […]

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Making evidence-based practice work. Part 2 – solutions

This post follows on from the previous post Making evidence-based practice work: The 3 key challenges In this post I will look at what the research findings are: evidence-based solutions Solutions The researchers discovered that there are two primary pre-requisites for successful implementation of evidence-based practice: evidence-based solutions. Primary pre-requisites for successful implementation of evidence-based practice Management involvement […]

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Making evidence-based practice work: The 3 key challenges

In this two part posting I will look at some new research that looks at how to make and embed evidence based practice in your organisation. Part 1 The key challenges of evidence based practice (This Post) What is Evidence based practice New research The 3 key challenges Part 2 Solutions Many professions have moved […]

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The 3 Main Conclusions and Findings from New Research about Culture Change in Organisations

Continuing on from my culture change post last week New research and a new understanding about culture change in organisations, today I look at the findings from this paper. Members get the full references and links to obtain the paper.   Findings Where people take their cultural cues from at work Culture change: The researchers found […]

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Understanding research: the direction of a correlation

As mentioned in my last blog in the Understanding Research Series, correlations have a direction. So what does this mean? Positive Correlations Negative Correlations Positive correlations Say you are looking at two factors which are correlated like the the grades students achieve and the amount of studying they do. Some research found the following: Unsurprisingly the […]

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New research and a new understanding about culture change in organisations

mosaic theory

In this two part post I am reviewing a new study conducted by researchers from University of Durham in the UK and the Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. The paper paper published in the European Management Journal looks at culture in organisations and the implications for culture change and management in organisations. New understanding about culture […]

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In this month’s Oxford Review

This month’s Oxford Review is out! In this edition we have research briefings on Can management prevent the downside of change? Organisational culture change through HR? How to Predict Unethical Management Behaviour How to manage people who do boring, repetitive jobs The 2 factors which predict burnout and your personality isn’t one of them The […]

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Key factors for small business success: New Research

New research finds what makes a business successful. Whilst there is a list of factors one thing in particular makes all the difference. A paper just published this week in the Journal of Social and Development Sciences conducted a review of hundreds of previous research studies looking at the success factors of small businesses. What […]

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