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Research Briefings in this month’s Oxford Review

The Oxford Review Vol 4 No 2

In this month’s Oxford Review Can Action Learning be used to improve knowledge, skills and confidence in communications? Characteristics of a successful sales person: Valid measurements of performance Emotions and their role in the shaping of self-identity Evaluating industry 4.0 organisational readiness Group identity and decision-making: information cascades and decision bias How to deal with […]

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Does your organisation’s reputation make any practical difference?

The Oxford Review Podcast

  In this podcast David provides a research briefing on some new research looking at the effects of corporate reputation on the people who work inside the organisation and the organisation’s performance in the market and has made some interesting finding. #research #reputation #orgdev #corporatereputation #oxfordreview     Transcript   An interesting study has just been […]

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Flexible working arrangements have different impacts in different countries

flexible working

As more and more companies and organisation across the world embrace flexible working arrangements for their employees new research  has found that the benefits of such practices is not the same in every culture and that organisations would be wise to think carefully about just taking on flexible working. (This research briefing was sent to […]

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Paradoxical leader behaviours – New podcast – Episode 9

Organisational Success Podcast

  Transcript   Today’s organisations are increasingly facing environments characterised by complexity, volatility and uncertainty, placing extra demands on leaders to adopt holistic thinking approaches in order to meet organisational and individual needs. Leadership approaches are shifting, and organisations arguably require even more creativity than before. In this podcast Sarah and David explore a new […]

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Projectification – how organisations are dealing with order and chaos


The rise of Projectification. Virtually every other paper published these days mentions the fact that organisations and their environments are becoming more and more complex and facing greater levels of uncertainty, whilst, at the same time, there is a constant pressure for greater levels of operational efficiency and innovation with reduced resources. One of the […]

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High-Performance Teams - Special Report

How to develop high-performance teams: The research evidence Many people in organisations talk about developing high-performance teams and organisations strive to understand how to develop them. In this Oxford Review special report, we have a look at what the research evidence actually says about the characteristics of high-performance teams. Most of us work in teams […]

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Research Trends 2018/19: The Top 10 | The Oxford Review

Research Trends

See also the Top 10 Research Topics for 2019/20 here Every year we compile to top research trends for year. This year the top 10 research trends from 2018/19 – drum roll….. are: Top 10 Research Trends Proactive personality Employee voice Cognitive inflexibility / flexibility and Tolerance to uncertainty Evidence-based practice Organisational ambidexterity Wisdom Leadership transition Virtual […]

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Why employee engagement fluctuates – new research

employee engagement

Employee engagement has become one of the hot topics in research, for practitioners and organisations, and is particularly important for organisational development and human resources practitioners. Employee role engagement is a subset of the broader concept of employee engagement and is the focus of a new study. When people talk about employee engagement, it tends […]

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