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Be impressively well informed

and get the latest organizational and people development research updates as they happen


$36.99 a Month

 $24.33 a Month

 $48.99 a Month

 Monthly Oxford Review Package GBPAnnualORPrices2 Monthly with Audio Oxford Review Package 

Recurring Monthly Payment

  $36.99+ VAT if in UK/EU

Annual Recurring Payment

Only $291.99 + VAT if in UK/EU

Recurring Monthly Payment

$48.99 + VAT if in UK/EU

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What do I get?

You get the very latest research every month to make you the most up-to-date, well informed, cutting edge thinker in your organisation.

tick green smallA copy of the Oxford Review every month with 10 – 12 full research reviews

tick green small1 – 3 Research Intelligence Briefings every week via email

tick green small24/7 access to our database of research reviews

tick green smallAudio version of the monthly Oxford Review *

*Extra per month or included free with the VIP Founder annual package

VIP founder members only: No price increase for as long as you maintain your membership.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you can cancel at anytime. You will get whatever is included in that billing cycle and then your subscription will end at the end of the billing cycle.


Do you do requests?

Yes. If there is a topic you would like us to look out for you can ask us and we will see what we can find and include it in the weekly Research Intelligence Briefs. This is available to all members at any time.



Multi-account pricing


No of Accounts


for 12 months research updates,

videos and infographics




Per Person

Pay by


Pay by


1 person$291.99 for 12 months$295.89$291.99Pay by cardPay By Invoice
2 people$550 for 12 months$591.78$275Pay by cardPay By Invoice
Up to 5 people$1350 for 12 months$1589.40$270Pay by cardPay By Invoice
Up to 10 people$2500 for 12 months$3378.80$250Pay by cardPay By Invoice
Up to 20 people
$4400 for 12 months$7357.69$220Pay by cardPay By Invoice

 * Compared to monthly subscription

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Be impressively well informed


Get the very latest research intelligence briefings, video research briefings, infographics and more sent direct to you as they are published

Be the most impressively well-informed and up-to-date person around...

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