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Team Diversity and Team Performance – A Special Report

Team diversity

Contents Common perception that team diversity is goodTwo types of explanation for diverse team performanceThe Categorisation-Elaboration ModelDeep and surface diversity15 conditions Common perception that team diversity is goodThere is a pretty ubiquitous modern common perception that team diversity in terms of nationality, race, age and/or gender, is a wholly positive team attribute and that team […]

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Sleepiness at work: does alertness management training actually work?


The issue of sleepiness at work is a serious one in many professions. People feeling sleepy, or actually falling asleep at work, can have serious health and safety consequences, but also lowers productivity and can cause a range of other issues to do with a lack of focus, engagement and work absorption. Sleepiness at work […]

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Just how valid is the idea of emotional intelligence?

EQ emotional intelligence

As mentioned in a previous blogs, interest in emotional intelligence is a relatively recent phenomenon. With the exception of a small blip of interest at the end of the Second World War, emotional intelligence has only really come to prominence in terms of research since the 1990s.     Emotional intelligence, however, isn’t one construct, […]

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The Principled Leadership Scale – Interview / podcast

Principled leadership

Introduction Principled leadership is essential in todays environment. Issues like the Enron scandal (where the Chief Executive was found guilty of 18 counts of fraud, conspiracy and insider trading) and the VW emissions scandal (where technology was used to cheat emissions testing protocol and a range of other scandals) show that unethical and unprincipled decision-making […]

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All Access Pass (VIP – individual)

Individual Membership

This pass gives you 100% full access to: Every previous research briefing, every back copy of the Oxford Review, every infographic, every research video briefing, every members only webinar, and…. You get 1-3 research briefings of just published research studies a week, the latest copy of The Oxford Review every month and access to our […]

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All Access Pass (VIP – corporate)

Corporate Membership

This pass gives you 24/7 100% full access to: Every previous research briefing, Every back copy of the Oxford Review, Every infographic, Every research video briefing, Every members only webinar, and…. You get 3 accounts for yourself and 2 other colleagues You all get 1-3 research briefings of just published research studies a week, The […]

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Why organisations are having problems using big data – research interview

The Oxford Review Podcast

More and more organisations are turning to big data to inform their decision-making. However, they are finding that all is not well when they try to use big data in this way and as a result frequently get disappointing results and end up abandoning the exercise or worse end up making bad decisions as a […]

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Job crafting: How to get people engaged with it – new study

How to get people engaged with job crafting

Job crafting has been found to be a productive employee activity, but there are problems with getting people engaged with it. New research looks at how to get employees engaged with job crafting. The idea of job crafting The three facets of job crafting A new study Findings   The idea of job crafting One […]

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How people with higher levels of psychological entitlement stop others getting promoted

The Oxford Review Podcast

When people start to feel entitled or that they believe they have the right to things that others don’t (known as psychological entitlement) in an organisation things can get difficult. When people with a sense of psychological entitlement get to positions of power and authority, things can get pretty hard and perverse for everyone else. […]

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CEO characteristics and their impact on organisational performance – Special Report

CEO background

Keywords: Leadership, management, CEO, CEO characteristic, CEO background, performance, organisational performance, leaders characteristics, leaders backgrounds, Chief Executive Officer   Whilst there is little doubt that organisational performance relies on a multitude of factors, one of the most prevalent are the characteristics of the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This has been a growing area of […]

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