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How an empowering leadership style can go wrong, employee engagement: a new systematic review and more…

The Oxford Review Vol 2 No 3 December 2017

In issue 12 Volume 2 of the Oxford Review… Research briefings of the very latest research including: Why and how an empowering leadership style can go wrong Keywords: Empowering leadership, Leadership, Self-efficacy, Psychological ownership, Performance, Workplace deviance We tend to think that being an empowering leader is all good. An empowering leadership style has been […]

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Unlearning – what the latest research actually says

The Oxford Review Research-Based Guide to Unlearning

There is a lot of theory, opinion and speculation about the concept of unlearning. In particular one often sees a process like learning and unlearning and learning again being proposed. This is not just confined to ideas around learning and development but also organisational development. However is this process of learning and unlearning and learning again […]

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Informal leadership, Attitude towards change, How emotions influence groups and more in this months Oxford Review

The Oxford Review Volume 2 Number 11 (November 2017)

The Oxford Review Volume 2 Number 11 (November 2017) In this month’s Oxford Review – research briefings about: Attitude towards change: the roles of acceptance of change and control Employee engagement – what the latest research says Employees perceptions of stress How emotions influence groups How servant leadership influences organisational citizenship behaviours How the machines […]

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How to measure the impact of executive coaching and more in this month’s Oxford Review

The Oxford Review October 2017

Last week our everyone in our community got a copy of this month’s Oxford Review packed with brand new findings from just published research studies Developing evidence-based HR Keywords: human resources, human capital, evidence-based HR, HR analytics, HR digitisation In many organisations human resources or human capital analytics have been adding significant value and the […]

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How to deal with bias, goal setting in uncertain environments, perfectionism and more…

The Oxford Review Volume 2 No 9

Academic research turned into human by The Oxford Review… The research briefings members got in this month’s Oxford Review: Some leaders cause depression Increasing performance using the 3 types of entrepreneurialism How to mobilise support for change Types of perfectionism and how they help with stress and coping…. or not Using the Holocaust to develop […]

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Get a free pack full of research briefings and infographics Please share the love and give us your feedback about The Oxford Review. Fill in the form and as a thank you we will send you a pack full of research briefings and infographics.​ Remove Picture What do you like about the Oxford Review? If we […]

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How to keep on top of your game without information overload

Staying up-to-date

There is nothing more powerful or impactful than when you go to the doctors for example, and she or he says something like “The latest research on this says that….”. Professionals at the top of their game and who can talk with ease about the latest research findings or some new thinking about a topic […]

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The very latest research briefings this month from The Oxford Review

The very latest research briefings

The very latest research briefings February 2017 The very latest research briefings: 1. The changing face of the organisation This briefing looks at study that assesses the latest changes in organisational development and what organisational and work psychology research has to do to catch up with these changes. This is an important study for anyone […]

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