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The 3 forms of organisational dissent

Dealing with Aggrieved-employee

This is the 2nd of a 4 part series looking at research into what happens when people in organisations feel aggrieved and how the research shows, managers should deal with it. Part 1 Psychological Contract Breaches & 3 Types of Employee Dissent Part 2 The 3 Forms of Organisational Dissent (This part) Part 3 The […]

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When employees get p*$$ed off. What the manager does next makes a difference…


This is the first of 4 articles looking at what happens when people in organisations feel aggrieved and how the research shows, managers should deal with it. Part 1 Psychological Contract Breaches & 3 Types of Employee Dissent (This post) Part 2 The 3 Forms of Organisational Dissent Part 3 The 5 Different Dissent Strategies […]

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This one thing predicts how defensive a mixed team of professionals are likely to be.


The status and stability of the social groups we are part of tends to dictate the way in which we communicate with people who are considered to be in a lower social group, whether you like it or not! A new study just published has shown that coming from a higher status social group will […]

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The 3 Human Resources Credibility Factors

HR Credibility

One of the things Human Resources are constantly battling with is developing and maintaining credibility, especially with the operational functions in organisations. It is a continual background tension that sits behind just about every HR department and every thing they do and contribute. Creating credibility and developing influence in an organisation isn’t easy for anyone […]

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The 5 dissent tactics of employees and how to deal with them


It is estimated that somewhere between 50 and 70% of employees, will, at some point in their employment feel that the organisation has wronged, mistreated or let them down in some way. These issues are referred to as psychological contract breaches. This is where an employee feels that the organisation has failed to fulfil its […]

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Does the reputation of your organisation make any practical difference to its employees?


An interesting study has just been published that looks at the effects of corporate reputation on the people who work inside the organisation and the organisation’s performance in the market. The researchers used 263 data points and a process called structural equation modelling, which is a whole set of computer modelling and factor analyses processes […]

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Developing organisational ambidexterity – the implications for HR, L&D and OD


One of the big themes emerging from the management and organisational development literature at the moment is that of organisational ambidexterity. Get research updates from The Oxford Review – free.   Doing the two main organisational tasks change brings about A problem that has dogged many organisations is how to continue to exploit its existing […]

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The annual review / appraisal is dying. Here is what is replacing it – new research

annual review

A number of business headlines have suggested that staff performance reviews are dead, but while the traditional form of performance reviews are being widely ditched by Blue Chip companies, staff won’t get off scot free. In a paper just published in Strategic HR Review, there will always be some form of performance review and where […]

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New Video: Do 70% of change projects really fail?

change failure rates

David has just released a new video about the research he did around the common perception that 70% of change programmes fail. Be prepared to be shocked!   You can get the slideshare here: The url for this video is:

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