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The Oxford Review Encyclopaedia of Terms provides short definitions and longer articles about terms found in leadership, management, human resources, organisational development and change, learning and development and coaching.

Psychological contract: What they are and why they are critical

Psychological contract

What is a psychological contract? The term psychological contract refers to the often unspoken set of expectations and assumptions that two parties (employees and the organisation, its leaders and managers) have of each other about things like how they will behave and act. Examples Psychological contract breaches Development of the term References     Examples […]

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Social resources and structural resources: The difference


What is the difference between social and structural job resources? In the world of work psychology, job-crafting and Human Resources there tends to be two types of job resources referred to: Social Resources, and Structural Resources Social job resources largely consist of the network and relationships an individual has at work that provide support and […]

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Relational Energy: what it is and why it matters to organisations


Relational Energy Briefing What is relational energy? Video – what is relational energy and why is it important in organisations Current state of relational energy research Why relational energy is important – Positive energy in the workplace References   What is relational energy? Relational energy refers to the positive feeling and sense of increased resourcefulness […]

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The Hottest Research Trends 2018: Analysis by The Oxford Review

Research Trends 2018

The research trends 2018. See also The Top Trends for 2019-2020 here There are around 78,500 peer reviewed research articles published around the world every month. Our aim is to find the most practical and useful of these across the below areas, turn them into easy to understand and practically useful briefings for our members. As […]

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How organisations unwittingly obstruct their own organisational change and other new research this month…

The Oxford Review Vol 2 No 8

  Research Briefings in this month’s Oxford Review:   Do workshops and classroom learning really help to develop ‘real’ problem solving skills and expertise? Keywords: Education, learning, problem solving, skills development, experience, expertise, transfer of learning, 70:20:10 A new study has examined whether there is real transfer of learning from workshop simulations and learning to ‘real-time’ […]

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