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The essential guide to evidence-based leadership

(Updated June 2018) Evidence-based leadership refers to the processes and practices of using ‘best evidence’ and ‘hard facts’ about the current situation and what tends to work and what doesn’t, and includes best evidence about how what decisions to make. This means being able to identify and separate facts from half-truths, pet theories, unfounded beliefs […]

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The Essential Guide to Evidence-Based Practice – 2019

The Transdisciplinary Evidence-based practice model

Contents What is evidence-based practice? Definition of Evidence Based Practice The four sources of evidence for evidence-based practiceKnowledge management and evidence-based practiceThe difference between evidence-based practice and EST’sDecisions based on best evidenceOpinion and Evidence based decisionsFocus on the practicalThe Principles of Evidence-Based PracticeThe basic 5 stages or steps of evidence-based practice  – what’s involved?The 5 […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Skills Development – Many Learning and Development ‘professionals’ don’t understand how to develop skills…

Skills development

The Ultimate Guide to Skills Development There is a bit more to skills development than just practice. This Oxford Review guide to developing skills in organisations will lead you through just about everything you need to know to become an ace at skills development. Following on from my last post two posts: Why many people’s […]

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