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The 4 factors that makes a manager good at performance appraisals

Research Briefing

Keywords: performance appraisals, management, appraisal discrimination

New study has just been published looking at how managers orient themselves towards performance appraisals to see if there is an underlying structure towards the ratings they give and whether discrimination plays a significant part in performance appraisals.

The study looked at 498 managers and their behaviours with performance appraisals. Previous research has found that the level of conscientiousness and self-monitoring the managers displays has a significant impact on their performance doing appraisals.

The study looked at a number of dimensions relating to the manager to see how these factors have an impact on the effectiveness of their performance appraisals and ratings of others. The dimensions of factors the researchers examined were:

1. Conscientiousness
2. Level of self-monitoring
3. Attitudes towards the organisation
4. Beliefs about the appraisal system, including
a. level of belief about their own appraisal competencies
b. beliefs about how the appraisals are being used
c. orientation towards the appraisal system.

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