Aligning servant leadership, strategy and structure

Research Briefing

Keywords: leadership, strategic fit, strategy, organisational leadership, organisational strategy, servant leadership, structure, organisational structure, organisation performance, organisational performance outcomes

Servant leadership is the most robust style of leadership, in terms of consistency and reliability of outcomes and influence on organisational performance and individual employee performance. As a result of recent findings that servant leadership tends to outperform all other forms of leadership style and provides more dependable results than other leadership styles such as transformational leadership, there has been a significant growth in both research and organisational interest in the concept.

However, in terms of research volumes, servant leadership has around 36,000 studies and transformational leadership approximately 150,000 studies. Whilst interest in servant leadership is increasing, in terms of volume, the majority of research effort is still biased towards studies about transformational leadership.

One of the issues that is still being explored by researchers around servant leadership are the boundary conditions which control and restrain or support and enhance the impact that servant leadership has within and on organisations.

This research briefing looks at a new study which looks at the alignment issues between servant leadership, organisational structure and organisational strategy and is particularly useful for anyone involved in leadership, leadership development and organisational development and strategy development.

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