Coaching for personality change

Research Briefing

Keywords: coaching, executive coaching, personality, personality change, neuroticism, conscientiousness

Recent advances in personality research have shown that a number of aspects of our personality are flexible and can be consciously changed. There is good evidence to show that our personality tends to change over time anyway as we mature, however, there is a growing body of evidence to show that the number of personality domains, such as our level of neuroticism and conscientiousness, for example, can be consciously changed.

Further, a number of more recent studies have shown that our personality predicts a significant number of life and work outcomes, both positive and negative.

A new study has further questioned how open to change our personalities are in a series of experiments using a 10-week coaching programme.

Using the idea of intentional change, the researchers set up an experiment whereby people were given the opportunity to choose which areas of personality they would like to change.

This research briefing is essential reading for anyone involved in coaching and anyone interested in personality change

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