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Creating insight during coaching interventions

Research Briefing

Keywords: coaching, coaching interventions, insight, insight development, Co-Active Coaching, realisation

There are a range of ways to solve problems from controlled experimentation, deduction, induction through to insight. Broadly, problem-solving tends to be separated into two types:

  1. Methodical, conscious and deliberative problem-solving
  2. Sudden insight.

Insight refers to a sudden shift in perception, whereby an individual who has been stuck on a particular issue or problem has unexpected and abrupt, spontaneous realisation about the issue, which enables them to understand it from a completely new and often deeper perspective. Often known as an ‘aha’ moment, insight has become the focus of an increasing level of research interest. A number of neurological studies in the last 10 years have found that insight tends to occur more often when the brain is in a resting state.

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