Developing managerial and organisational resilience and the role of organisational ambidexterity

Research Briefing

Keywords: management, resilience, managerial resilience, ambidexterity, dynamic ambidexterity

One of the main challenges that face organisational researchers these days is that of understanding how organisations deal with and respond to difficult, uncertain and adverse events (what has become termed as the ‘grand challenge’). As a direct result of this interest by researchers and organisations, there has been an explosion of research attention around the topic of organisational and individual resilience.

Recent research has shown that, whilst scenario planning is a valuable activity for dealing with adverse events, it is of itself insufficient to prepare organisations and people for such events and contexts.

This research briefing looks at a large-scale review of the most recent research looking at organisational and management resilience and has tested the hypothesis that organisational ambidexterity helps to promote and foster organisational resilience.

This research briefing is really useful for anyone involved in Organisational Development or interested in Organisational and Management Resilience. 

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