Do High-performance HR practices really lead to higher levels of organisational performance?

Research Briefing

Keywords: HR, human resources, human resources practices, high-performance HR, competencies, employee competences, creativity

One of the most vexed questions in HR research is whether or not HR practices really do lead to higher levels of individual and organisational performance. Whilst a number of recent studies have found that there is a significant positive correlation between the practices of human resources functions and organisational forms, other studies have either shown no significant relationship or a negative relationship between HR practices and organisational performance. The best that can be said at the moment is that the linkage between human resource practices and organisational performance is inconclusive.

The question is why is there so much variability between the findings of such studies?

This research briefing looks at a new study that has looked at this issue and and found out part of the answer. This really helps to understand how HR can contribute to overall organisational performance and this research briefing will be important reading for anyone involved in HR.

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