Does being clear about your own emotions help you to have greater empathy?

Research Briefing

Keywords: emotional clarity, empathy, emotions, affect, negative affect, positive affect, cognitive empathy

Some people find it really difficult to be able to separate out and identify the discrete and different emotions that they are feeling at any particular moment and others find it relatively easy. Emotional clarity, which refers to an individual’s ability to clearly identify, label and describe their own emotions, is starting to draw more research attention, due mainly to the fact that it is been shown to be an important factor in a range of interpersonal outcomes such as:

  • Feeling more positive on an ongoing basis
  • Greater levels of well-being
  • Greater general levels of resilience
  • Faster rebound from negative emotional incidences
  • The ability to adapt better to new situations
  • A more positive outlook
  • Greater clarity of thinking under stress
  • Less distress.

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