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Does mindfulness practice help to increase attention and memory?

Research Briefing

Keywords: mindfulness, mind wandering, attention, prospective memory, attentional resources, well-ness, memory, psychology

There have been a lot of claims for mindfulness, including increased resourcefulness, low levels of anxiety, increased attentional capability, lower levels of mind wandering and better levels of memory, for example.

However, the amount of rigorous research looking at some of these claims is in some cases scant. There is currently an increase in the level of research interest into the impact of mindfulness to see what effects it really has.

A new study

A new (2019) study looking at the impact of mindfulness on attention and what is known as prospective memory has been conducted by a team of researchers from the Laboratoire Mémoire, Cerveau & Cognition and the Institut de Psychologie, of the Université Paris Descartes, the Université Sorbonne Paris-Cité, and the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).

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