Employee voice: cultural differences make a difference

Research Briefing

Keywords: employee voice, culture, organisational culture, national culture, multicultural

There has been an explosion of studies around employee voice (haw ready employees are to speak out and give feedback or voice concerns). The primary reason for this explosion in research interest around employee voice is the fact that it is associated with a wide range of positive outcomes for both employees and managers, as well as organisations.

A new study conducted a wide-ranging literary review of previous peer-reviewed research to see what can be learned about how employee voice is impacted by national culture. It is clear that not every employee will feel the same level of capability to engage in employee voice behaviours. In part, this disparity between employees will be based on individual perceptions of safety and anxiety levels and individual levels of trust and sense of effectiveness. However, this study wanted to know what impact national culture actually have on employee voice behaviours, particularly in multicultural organisations?

This is very useful study for managers, leaders, HR and Org Dev professionals, particularly those working in or consulting to multicultural / multinational organisations.

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