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Happiness at work and why it is important

Research Briefing

Keywords: Happiness, positive attitudes, attitudes at work, employee productivity, positive attitudinal attributes

Since 2000, there has been an increasing level of research and organisational interest around such constructs as

  • Job satisfaction
  • Engagement
  • Commitment
  • Well-being
  • Psychological capital (optimism, efficacy, resilience and hope)
  • Self-actualisation.

In the main, the interest in these topics has been largely due to the strong connections that have been found between these positive attitudinal attributes or constructs and:

  • Employee productivity
  • Positive organisational outcomes, including productivity and profit
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Organisational ambidexterity
  • Competitive advantage
  • Market relevance.

This new study wanted to find the predictors of happiness at work. It found that there are 12 primary workplace predictors.

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