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How social media is changing organisational innovation

Research Briefing

Keywords: social media, innovation, research and development, innovation behaviours, innovation communities, open innovation, organisational development

Social media has become an integrated element of most people’s daily life, both inside and outside the workplace. From an organisational perspective, social media has connected organisations, employees, management, customers, end-users and society in general in ways that could not have been imagined just 20 years ago.

Organisations have been quick to make use of the plethora of social media platforms to increase information flows, knowledge management and general communication with a wide range of stakeholders. Further, social media has enabled interest groups to get together at a global level and further their agendas and interests with little or no cost.

One of the areas that organisations have started to realise that social media can have a significantly positive impact on is that of innovation. Because social media is inherently a knowledge management tool, smart organisations have started to develop strategies to capitalise on social medias capabilities for research and development/innovation purposes.

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