Inspiring innovation in organisations through constructive confrontation

Research Briefing

Keywords: innovation, organisational innovation, innovation methods, innovation engagement, innovative culture, organisational innovation behaviours, constructive confrontation, organisation performance, individual performance

Whilst most organisations recognise the need for change and continual improvement in products, services and processes, inspiring innovation in these areas at all levels within an organisation is often a significant difficulty. Turning employees from passive consumers of process into actively engaged change agents is no mean feat.

Creating an innovative organisational culture is a key organisational issue. Many organisations’ people are simply busy with the ‘day job’ and have little time or motivation to engage in innovation. A number of previous studies found that organisations that manage to create a culture of organisational innovation tend to have significantly better outcomes, particularly in times of market, economic, political and other environmental change.

A new study has found that using constructive confrontation can be a useful method for inspiring organisational innovation and positive change. This research briefing looks at how constructive confrontation works and how it helps to develop a more innovative culture. This briefing has impact beyond developing innovative cultures and is really useful for anyone interested in developing high performance teams as well.

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