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Knowledge Management and Organisational Performance – what the research says

Knowledge management and organisational performance

Managers and leaders are increasingly becoming aware that their success and the competitive value and advantages of their organisations is largely dependent on and intimately connected to the unique knowledge that exists within their organisation.

The ability to be able to effectively create, store, disseminate, transfer and apply the unique knowledge that exists in any organisation is frequently part of their competitive advantage and unique proposition. Organisations that understand and leverage knowledge management effectively have a distinct advantage over those that don’t harness this resource.

This special report looks at what the latest research says about knowledge management and organisational performance and is essential reading for anyone involved in knowledge management and who needs to know what the research actually says.


  • Organisational performance and knowledge management: 16 critical lessons
  • Knowledge management
  • The 4 knowledge management processes
  • The 3 primary knowledge infrastructure elements
  • Impact of knowledge management on organisational performance
  • Other findings
    • Innovation and financial performance are related
    • Proactive management of knowledge assets and innovation
    • Innovation, trust and knowledge management
    • Competitiveness and economic performance
    • Growth
    • Performance, ethics and knowledge creation
    • Intellectual capital and performance
    • Customer knowledge gaps
    • Management capability with knowledge transfer
    • The effect of knowledge loss
    • Transformational leadership and knowledge management
    • Project management and knowledge management
    • Use of knowledge management supported by incentives, IT systems, culture and structure
    • IT and knowledge management
    • Culture and structure is vital
    • Product development
  • References

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