Managing inter-organisational change projects: why middle managers are critical

Research Briefing

Keywords: inter-organisational projects, project management, change management, resistance to change, middle management, pacing, timing, business case, alignment

Any organisational or inter-organisational project is essentially about change. However, some projects are ostensibly about creating organisational change, as opposed to intra-organisational change. Whilst there are many, many research studies looking at project management, there are few that look at organisational change from a project management perspective, and fewer still that look at change from an inter-organisational project management perspective.

A new study from the Department of Organisation Sciences at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands has investigated what practitioners actually do during change projects in inter organisational settings. Inter-organisational projects are programmes of work carried out by ‘diversely skilled employees’ who work together, as a team, for a limited f time and who are from more than one organisation. In other words, inter-organisational projects involve a group of organisations cooperating and coordinating efforts to develop and deliver a complex service or product.

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