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Measuring organisational coaching outcomes

Research Briefing

Keywords: coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, organisational coaching, organisational coaching outcomes, measuring coaching, coaching measurement

A range of previous studies have identified a plethora of beneficial outcomes of executive and leadership coaching including:

  • the ability of leaders to inspire others
  • creating space for strategic thinking
  • better delegation
  • high levels of self-awareness
  • behavioural change
  • increase in performance
  • and a range of other benefits.

However, despite all of these previous studies, there is little robust research looking at how to measure coaching outcomes and manage the coaching process.

A new review of previous research and study by a team of researchers has proposed a Coaching Success Metric for the measurement of the success of leadership and executive coaching.

This research briefing is essential reading for anyone involved in managing coaching provision in organisations or any professional coach.

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