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Mixing different types of coaching

Research Briefing

Keywords: coaching, executive coaching, organisational coaching, evidence-based coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, mindfulness, motivational interviewing

More and more, coaches and researchers are turning towards integrating different models and methods of coaching to derive more flexible and appropriate coaching outcomes for their clients.

However, because executive and organisational coaching lacks professional status, previous studies have found that there is no shared knowledge management or agreed system for continual professional development. Additionally, the evidence base for the effectiveness of coaching and coaching methods, whilst growing, is still in its infancy. This means that many coaches practise in a way that is not exactly evidence-based. A number of studies over the last 10 years have ended in a call for greater evidence-based practice amongst coaches.

This research briefing examines a new study which looked at the outcomes of mixed model coaching and is of particular interest to coaching professionals.

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