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Organisational change leadership: new thinking

Research Briefing

Keywords: leadership, organisational change leadership, organisational change, transformational leadership, change management

Whilst there has been significant progress in organisational change and organisational change leadership understanding, research and practice, the application of good organisational change leadership and organisational change is still the focus of much research and interest.

Interestingly, two papers have been published in the same week looking at organisational change from two connected, but different, perspectives:

  1. Whether the unfreeze-move-refreeze model of Kurt Lewin from 1947 is still applicable
  2. Whether change leadership/transformational leadership and management is itself changing.

Prepare to have some of the firmly held beliefs about leadership, organisational change and transformational leadership challenged. This research briefing is essential reading for anyone involved in leadership, leadership development and coaching as well as change management and organisational change. This is a must read briefing.

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