Organisational socialisation tactics: what they are and how HR systems affect them

Research Briefing

Keywords: socialisation tactics, organisational socialisation, human resource systems, HR systems, organisational socialisation tactics

The process of organisational socialisation refers to how individuals learn and acquire the social knowledge required to effectively operate and engage in their organisation. This has been an area of increasing interest to researchers and individuals in organisations, particularly in organisational devolvement and human resources. The effective socialisation of new members of an organisation has two primary impacts:

  1. New members become more organisationally effective more quickly and
  2. Quicker and more effective organisational socialisation is seen as a competitive advantage.

A new study has conducted a review of previous research to see what can be learned about management socialisation tactics within organisations and how these are impacted by human resource systems.

This research briefing will be useful for anyone in Human Resources and management who are concerned with integrating new staff into the organisation.

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