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Soft is hard: Building resilience with loving kindness meditation

Research Briefing

Keywords: resilience, stress, well-being, mindfulness, loving-kindness meditation, personal development, well-being

In our workplaces today, personal development is seen as key.  It is common to hear the adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ and people are given stretch assignments, with the best of intentions, that push them out of their comfort zones. This approach works well for some people who find it stimulating, generating positive stress responses. However, previous studies have found there are also many people who respond negatively in the same situation. Employees who become distressed by the challenges of the workplace often have reduced performance, long-term chronic stress, and negative mental and physical health (e.g. depression, anxiety, headaches, diabetes, ulcers and heart disease). The ability to cope under pressure is important to ensure our well-being and has been linked to resilience.

This research briefing looks at a study about the effectiveness of one type of meditation in developing resilience and will be useful to anyone interested in developing resilience and well-being.

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