Solution – focused cognitive – behavioural coaching: a guiding framework

Research Briefing

Keywords: Coaching, solution-focused cognitive-behavioural coaching, engagement and well-being matrix, Performance, Well-Being, Mental health

A number of previous studies have found that solution-focused cognitive-behavioural coaching can be effective both at increasing performance and dealing with stress and burnout. One of the problems organisations face is that a focus primarily on performance tends to have a series of negative consequences including stress, fatigue and burnout. Indeed, there is research evidence to suggest that there is a stress and burnout epidemic, as a result of organisations’ relentless focus on performance.

The issue is how to balance performance with well-being in an organisational setting. A number of recent studies have found that coaching can significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression and burnout through a number of ways. These can include better time management, healthier cognitive perspectives, better task management, better prioritisation as well as a range of other practices’ such as meditation, cognitive-behavioural techniques et cetera.

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