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Special report: Leader differences and their impact on leadership outcomes

Special report: Leader differences and their impact on leadership outcomes

Keywords: leader, leadership, leadership development, individual differences, leadership capacities

The study, an integrative review of research by a team of researchers has looked at all of the studies over the last 20 years to see what patterns and threads come out of the research on individual differences between leaders. Due to its nature, this is a somewhat large, complex and involved study. There are a series of useful and interesting findings.​

The main point of looking at the individual differences between leaders is quite simply that all leaders are individuals and, as a result, differ from each other in many ways. The question is, how do these differences impact their outcomes as a leader?

The vast majority of leader research is focused on categorising leadership behaviours, personality or other attributes into groupings or styles. So, whilst any particular leader may adopt a certain style of leadership, this does not mean that all leaders within that style are going to act and behave the same or make the same decisions and judgements.

It is, therefore, important to understand how individual differences between leaders create different:

  • perceptions
  • thinking
  • judgements
  • behaviours
  • attitudes
  • values
  • beliefs and
  • outcomes.

Further, some differences between leaders will have little or no impact on leadership outcomes and others will have a dramatic and significant impact on their outcome as a leader. Understanding which differences make a difference is both useful and valuable.

Previous research has identified 65 differences between leaders that have an impact on leadership outcomes

The special report details the primary findings of the reviews and shows you how to use them.

This special report is especially useful for leaders and those involved leadership development / training and coaching.

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