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How our perceptions affect our well-being

Research Briefing

Keywords: cognitive outlook, perceptions, attention, well-being, emotion, optimism, positive emotions, negative emotions, pessimism, memory, self-esteem, self-determination, attributional style, ruminative style Our cognitive outlook and perceptions, or how we construe things, can have a significant impact on a range of outcomes. For example, people with a generally positive outlook tend to have higher satisfaction ratings for […]

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The Oxford Review Vol 3 No4

The Oxford Review Vol 3 Number 4

In this month’s Oxford Review: How person-organisation fit impacts turnover intentions The effect of educational video on student engagement, critical thinking and learning The dynamics of victimisation Performance management in lean organisations – what actually works? Is CBT a clinically effective intervention in work settings? A new clinical study How to develop longer-lasting and higher […]

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