Team Resilience

Research Briefing

Keywords:organisational development, team, team resilience, resilience work psychology, emerging property, developing team resilience

In the last five years interest in team resilience has increased significantly, both in organisations and in research literature. The ability of teams to cope with and rapidly recover from challenges, adverse events and disasters is a critical issue in many organisations. The idea of team resilience focuses on ensuring that a system (an organisation) continues to function and operate productively in the face of adversity. Until about 10 years ago much of the work on team resilience was based on the assumption that resilient individuals create resilient teams.

However, more recent research has shown that this simple extrapolation is not correct and that other factors apart from individual resilience have a significant impact on team resilience. Additionally, it has been found that having resilient individuals in a team is a necessary, but not sufficient, attribute for team resilience.

A new study has conducted an extensive review of research to understand what factors are involved in team resilience and how it might be developed.

This research briefing is essential reading for anyone interested in leading, managing and developing teams, and increasing team resilience.

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