The conventional thinking that you need change orientated employees to enable organisational change may not be correct

Research Briefing

Keywords: organisational capacity for change, mind-set, organisational change, organisational culture

One of the key concepts in the organisational change arena is the idea of OCC or organisational capacity for change. Organisational capacity for change refers to a dynamic, responsive and multi-dimensional capability to update and revise its existing capabilities and competencies, whilst cultivating new capabilities and competencies, so that the organisation can survive and prosper. Organisational capacity for change is a central issue for organisational ambidexterity – the ability of an organisation to be able to innovate and exploit.

Research over the last 20 years has increasingly identified that the cognitive aspects of human change. How people think and orient themselves towards change, or not, is a critical element of change success. Part of these cognitive aspects is what has been termed ‘mind-set’.

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