The cost of toxic employees

Research Briefing

Keywords: work psychology, toxic employees, workplace deviance, pathological disorders

Workplace deviance or the ‘behaviour of organisational members which violates significant organisational norms and, in doing so, threatens the well-being of the organisation and its members’ is a significant issue in many organisations. Broadly, there are two types of workplace deviance:

  1. Organisational deviance, such as theft, fraud and false accounting
  2. Interpersonal deviance, which includes behaviours such as bullying, sexual harassment, mistreatment of others, undermining people, verbal and physical abuse, as well as both overt and covert aggression such as passive aggressive behaviours.

Interpersonal workplace deviance has a range of negative effects, both for the targets of the practice and the organisation, particularly in terms of performance and turnover.

A new study (2018) looking at the cost of workplace deviance has just been published in the Journal of Accounting and Finance by researchers from the University of Queensland.

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