The factors that increase entrepreneurship intentions

Research Briefing

Keywords: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial intentions, entrepreneurial competencies, entrepreneurial skills, innovation

There has been a steady growth in interest within organisations around developing entrepreneurial skills within the organisation. Largely, this increase in interest has been based on the understanding that entrepreneurs think differently and tend to be more agile and creative, particularly in rapidly changing environments. The ability of entrepreneurs to capitalise on new technological advances, to innovate and adapt has been identified as a key factor towards developing a competitive advantage and surviving in a world of hyper change.

As a result of this interest in entrepreneurship, there is an increasing amount of research interest looking at the most effective ways to enhance entrepreneurship development and education.

A new study by a team of researchers from Finland and Brazil has identified a range of factors that increase entrepreneurial intentions. In other words, what influences an individual to actually engage in entrepreneurship.

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