The impact of organisational values and offering employee contact on e-recruiting

Research Briefing

Keywords: recruitment, organisational values, HRM, human resources, human resource management, values-in-action

The vast majority of recruiting these days is done online; a recent survey (2015) found that 100% of large organisations in the West now use internet-based recruiting systems to find and attract applicants. Largely, these web-based systems focus on using social media channels, as well as other job and recruitment specific websites, portals and services, in order to find and attract the highest quality candidates.

A new study

A new study conducted by researchers from universities in Texas, USA has looked at the impact and effectiveness of the following on attracting and securing the right candidates with the attitudes, skills, achievement orientation and relationship orientation the organisation is looking for:

  1. Engineering which values are displayed online through the website and recruiting messages on e-recruiting platforms.
  2. Providing contact (or not) with existing employees within the organisation.

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