The importance of individuals in teams

Research Briefing

Keywords: team, teams, emergent properties, team characteristics, team performance, team success, team development

The importance of teams to many organisations is axiomatic. A 2013 study of 831 companies around the world found that employees on average tend to spend 54% of their time working within teams. It was found that employees in China spend higher amounts of time than average in teams where employees tend to spend an average of 64.8% of their time in a team setting. The country with the lowest average time spent working in a team is South Africa, where the average is 47%. America had an average of 51.4% of an employee’s time being spent in teams.

A review by researcher has looked at the ‘outlier’ influence of individuals within teams and their ability to influence team processes and outcomes.

The study looked at case-based scenarios where individuals have changed the direction of teams, often by direct challenge and frequently despite considerable levels of animosity and hostility from both within and without the team.

This research briefing is essential reading for anyone involved or interested in team development and leadership.

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