The links between organisational change and workplace bullying

Research Briefing

Keywords: bullying, workplace bullying, organisational change, change, psychological contract

Over the last six or seven years a number of research studies have discovered that organisational change programs are often accompanied by an increase in systematic and persistent workplace bullying, particularly in terms of devaluing employees’ work, motivations and efforts, as well as social isolation and ridicule.

Additionally, a raft of studies from 2010 to 2017 have found empirical evidence that there is a strong association between organisational change, perceptions of a breach of psychological contract and an increase in counter-productive work behaviours, such as stealing, purposeful low-quality work, sabotage, withdrawal, information misuse, dissent etc.

This briefing looks at a new study looking at the connections between organisational change and workplace bullying. As such it is a very useful briefing for anyone involved in HR or organisational change / development.

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