The problem of presenteeism

Research Briefing

Keywords: presenteeism, absenteeism, employee health, risk management, human resources, HR

Whilst most organisations and considerable volumes of research examine and focus on absenteeism, it is starting to be realised that presenteeism has recently been found to be a significant factor to impact organisational performance.

Presenteeism refers to the practice of employees attending or going to work when they are ill. While absenteeism has been shown to account for approximately 4% of productivity losses within organisations, globally there has been no agreed measurement of the impact of presenteeism on productivity. But the problem is that there has been no agreed process for measuring presenteeism.

This research briefing is based on a new (2019) review and meta-analysis of the existing research has looked afresh at the issue of presenteeism in organisations and will be of great interest to managers and Human Resources personnel.

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