The six factors that increase employee satisfaction with performance appraisals

Research Briefing

Keywords: performance appraisal, annual appraisal, employee performance, management, employee satisfaction

There is a significantly low level of employee satisfaction with organisational performance appraisals in general, which includes a degree of cynicism and mistrust about the usefulness and accuracy of such instruments. Even amongst management populations confidence in performance appraisals is not high.

A new review of literature looks at the factors that tend to improve employee satisfaction with performance appraisals. As part of the whole management by objectives movement from the 1980s, the performance appraisal has been an endearing and all-pervasive feature of organisations. However, over the years a considerable degree of cynicism and mistrust has arisen about the effectiveness and use of the performance appraisal system in organisations. This mistrust and cynicism is not just an employee phenomenon but extends into leadership and management circles as well.

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