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Transformational leadership can lead to higher levels of engagement, but…

Research Briefing

Keywords: work engagement, engagement, transformational leadership, proactive personality

One of the more popular issues in research and organisational enquiry is that of how to increase employees’ work engagement. People who have high levels of work engagement tend to be more committed, both to their work and tasks, as well as to the organisation’s values and goals. Additionally, people who are highly engaged at work are also significantly more likely to display organisational citizenship behaviours and employee voice, whereby they are likely to go above and beyond what is required of them by their job description.

Alongside the intense interest in engagement at work, two other constructs have been getting increasing interest over recent years. These are transformational leadership and proactive personality.

This research briefing looks at a new study that examines whether transformational always lead to work engagement? In doing so it unmasks some assumptions held about transformational leadership and work engagement. As a result this briefing is of particular interest to leaders, anyone involved in HR, organisational development, leadership development, coaching and learning.

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