Using Virtual Communities of Practice (VCoPs) to increase interprofessional collaboration and learning

Research Briefing

Keywords: learning, learning and development, communities of practice, virtual communities of practice, interprofessional collaboration, organisational learning, knowledge management

Supporting professional development in organisations in ways which are relevant and help professionals make better decisions and improve outcomes, whilst reducing abstraction time from the workplace, is no easy matter. The transfer of learning to the workplace of things like online learning courses and face-to-face workshops has been found to be low, suggesting that less than 10% of the information presented by such events is retained and transferred to the workplace.

One solution which has been growing in popularity over the last 30 years has been the use of Communities of Practice.

This research briefing looks at a new paper about the research evidence about how to use using Virtual Communities of Practice to improve interprofessional collaboration and education.

This briefing will be of particular interest to anyone involved in organisational learning and developing CoPs.

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