What are the best project management practices for ERP (enterprise resource planning) system projects?

Research Briefing

Keywords: project management, ERP, enterprise resource planning, ERP systems, information technology

Over the last 10 to 15 years there has been a veritable explosion in the development of ERP or enterprise resource planning systems. Enterprise resource planning systems refers to IT-based systems that are built around a centralised database, integrated and have a common computing platform in order to help an organisation use its resources effectively and facilitate a coherent flow of information between all business functions of the organisation and its external stakeholders. In this context, the term enterprise refers to any organisation that has a common set of goals across it.

It is recognised these days that the development of an effective enterprise resource planning system is central to the existence of any decent sized organisation. Further, that the success of project management systems and processes in larger organisations depend on effective enterprise resource planning systems.

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