What technology is doing to our jobs and HR development

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Keywords: technology, jobs, employment, human resources, HR, HRD, human resource development, organisational learning, learning, learning and development

There have been a number of scare stories in the press in the last year or so about the impact that technology, robotics and artificial intelligence will have in the workplace. These press articles are often based on individual research studies and cases. Boeing commercial airlines, for example, has announced a project to produce the first pilotless airliners. North Carolina State University has almost entirely automated its academic library with bookBots that have reduced the library storage space by 88% (largely because human access is not required) and the bookBots can deliver books and research articles to students within five minutes of their request.

In terms of industrial robotics, it is estimated that at the end of 2017 there were approximately 2 million industrial robots in the workplace. Research studies have estimated that approximately 47% of human jobs in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, office and administrative work in the western world will be replaced by robotics and artificial intelligence within the next decade or so.

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