In this month's Oxford Review

In this month’s Oxford Review

In issue 5 of The Oxford Review we have looked at and report the take-away learning from 10 brand new research studies in the field of organisational and human development.

  • Causes of Fatigue at work
  • Can conflict management processes improve productivity?
  • Already had a difficult and painful change event? Be careful, be very careful this next time…
  • Organisational mergers: The importance of culture change
  • New mobile learning and teaching methods developing: New research
  • Why people are resisting moves to agile working
  • How personality affects knowledge sharing in organisations
  • Developing trust in the workplace and the role of HR – a new study
  • How to make a merger work: A Review of Research
  • Innovating your way out of a bureaucracy

and of course our month Book Review.

Of particular interest is the research looking at the growing employee resistance to moving to agile working and what the underlying causes of this resistance are. This study finds some concrete recommendations to deal with this.

Also there is a fascinating study about how our personality effects how we share information at work and what it means for the organisation.

The last study is a really useful look at how to turn a failing and bureaucratic company into one that embraces innovation and turned itself around. The interesting thing about this study is that the researchers found that there are 3 underlying principles to change, which actually would stand any organisation in good stead.

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