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The most recent blog posts

Performance appraisals: The 4 factors that make managers good at them
Performance appraisals - some managers are good at performance appraisals and others...well less so. The question is what is that[...]
Conspiracy theories: what the research says about why people believe them
Why people believe conspiracy theories: a review of the research     Conspiracy theories are everywhere, particularly on social media.[...]
How to get into flow at work
How people get into flow at work. You know that feeling where you have settled into a nice rhythm and[...]
Predicting and developing good transformational leaders and more in this month’s Oxford Review
In the month’s Oxford Review we have a whole edition full of useful research briefings: This month:   Risk management[...]
How organisational diversity policies can hide racial discrimination
Organisational diversity polices can cause more problems than they solve. Whilst there is a plethora of research which shows that[...]
Why education and training rarely equips the learner for work: New study
A new research briefing looking at why a university education and much training fails to equip students for the world[...]

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