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Conventional wisdom and change: the role of mavericks in creating change
Conventional wisdom and change Much of the rhetoric around change in organisations is based on conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom refers[...]
Management consultants struggle with lean, Positive coaching & more
In this month’s Oxford Review What can coaches learn from positive psychology? The psychology of boredom and what predicts it.[...]
How managers develop emotional intelligence and apply it: New study
How managers develop emotional intelligence is a critical question for organisations and anyone involved in management development.  A new (this[...]
Leader’s individual differences and how they impact
The Oxford Review has just published a new special report looking at the individual differences between leaders and the impact[...]
Innovation capacity: how to develop it in your organisation
Innovation capacity is an important concept for any organisation or company, no matter how small or large. The question is[...]
The role of experience in evidence-based practice
Evidence-based practice it is not solely focused on being dependent on peer-reviewed research. Experience plays a vital role in evidence-based[...]