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Scientists in the boardroom – interview with Dr. Ruby Campbell
Subscribe on iTunes Player FM Listen on Spotify Listen on Podbean Scientists in every boardroom Dr Ruby Campbell LinkedIn:[...]
Entrepreneurial pivots – research interview
Entrepreneurial pivots are a core skill set in every entrepreneur's tool kit right? Well new research suggests this might not[...]
The problem with transformational leadership – new research
A lot of organisational change research over the last 20 to 30 years has focused on issues around transformational leadership[...]
Why Frugal Innovation is Becoming Big Business – New Research
Frugal innovation One of the emerging topics of both research and organisational interest over the last 15 years has been[...]
How educational video impacts student learning, engagement & critical thinking
Educational video Educational or instructional video is being used more and more frequently in organisational learning scenarios. The use of[...]
Evidence-Based Organisational Change – New Podcast
Organisational change is a continually 'hot topic' within both the organisational and research communities with very good reason, as the[...]

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