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Coaching Research Briefings

Coaching Research Briefings

Downloads Home > Coaching Research Briefings (This page) As the library of academic research builds in volume and quality, so new assessments of the coach – coachee relationship are emerging. While much research has looked at things… A recent review of the available literature in coaching has shown that working relationships are vital to achieving outcomes, but this is hard to quantify. There are a number… Reflective practice is at the heart of learning and most learning processes. Doctoral supervisor, John Cowan, from the Edinburgh Napier University Business School has been in academia for most… A new study just published in the journal Sustainability has shown that a combined programme of mentoring and coaching employees, if done right, is a good way of improving… The basis of prejudice, bias and resistance to change A paper just published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences by researchers from the Department of Psychology, Yale… Developing an Organisational Strategy for Evidence Informed Decision Making A team of researchers from McMaster University in Canada have shown how a cash strapped Canadian public health authority improved…

This pass gives you 24/7 100% full access to: Every previous research briefing, Every back copy of the Oxford Review, Every infographic, Every research video briefing, Every members only webinar,…

This pass gives you 100% full access to: Every previous research briefing, every back copy of the Oxford Review, every infographic, every research video briefing, every members only webinar, and....… Some people seem to have a natural tendency to interpret new situations negatively. Known as negative interpretation bias or just an interpretation bias, scientists have found in the past…


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